About volteum

Our mission is to enable every company to use EVs even more easily than internal combustion engine vehicles.

We provide best-in-class software to manage your electric vehicle fleets, optimize their everyday routes, charging sessions and say goodbye to range anxiety once and for all.

Our story

Volteum started when four university mates wanted to find an answer to their constant fear of running out of charge. Besides the initial good professional relationship, Kornél, Dávid, Krisztián and Zsófia became friends and started thinking more extensively than just solving their own problems. After a while, Volteum turned from a hobby project to their main job and the team working on Volteum is now much bigger than just the four of them.

However, the most important things remained the same through all the changes and challenges: enjoying the journey to the fullest and working towards Volteum's vision every day.

2022 November

We closed our €1.25 million seed round and expanded our team!

2022 August

We opened our new office in Budapest.

2022 July

We have launched our service in the Geotab telematics system.

2022 June

We won the Vodafone Digital Award in the Environment and Sustainability category.

2022 March

We won the Microsoft CEE Startup Award in the sustainability category.

2022 January

We moved to Turin for the Techstars 'Cities of the Future' accelerator program.

2021 September

We started our first serious collaboration on an international level with e-fleet optimization.

2021 May

Re-designed our application and worked together with Auchan and Auchan Korzó.

2021 January

We delivered our first electric bus project where we modeled the energy consumption of e-buses.

2020 October

We participated in the Design Terminal mentoring program. Around this time we began to work with e-fleets

2020 June

Public launch of our B2C solution: a route planner app for electric vehciles.

2019 May

We took part in the MVM Edison startup competition with our idea, which we won!

2019 January

In early 2019, we started looking for challenges in the field of e-mobility.

Meet the Volteum team

  • Zsófia Tóth

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Krisztián Putti

    Co-founder & CCO

  • Dávid Kertész

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Kornél Kálmán

    Co-founder & CPO

  • Andre Clusen

    Head of Sales

  • Károly Csaba Kurkó

    Head of Finance

  • Levente Kovacsik

    Business Analyst

  • Eszter Gyurkó

    Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Gábor Rabatin

    Software Engineer

  • Bence Varga

    Software Engineer

  • David Güere

    Software Engineer

  • Dóra Szabó

    Engineer Intern

Our values and what we stand for

  • We respect each other

    We are genuinely kind people and show it with our actions. We work with each other, our customers, investors and anybody with the same high amount of respect; we always respect your time, attention and work you put into the company.

  • We are open-minded

    We love new ideas, feedback and out-of-the-box thoughts, and always encourage our employees to share them. We believe all members of the team at any level have game-changing ideas that can shape the future of Volteum and mobility itself.

  • We take ownership

    We give massive freedom and put even greater trust in our employees. Everybody owns up to their responsibilities, works towards our company goals and shares a common vision in Volteum. We know you want to succeed with Volteum just as much as we do.

  • We win and fail together

    We believe that 1+1 can add up to much more than 2 if we are working together as a team. We are there for each other when you achieve your first big success and will support and stand by you if you fail because failing is totally okay as long as you try your hardest.

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Our office is located in the heart of Budapest between Deák square and St. Stephen's Basilica.