We can provide our solution through multiple channels to fit your needs perfectly

Application integration

Volteum can be integrated as an application in telematics systems.
Our UI surface is used by the partner company in this case.
Already available in GEOTAB >

API integration

Volteum can also be integrated by API connections in your currently used telematics provider or fleet management software. You can check our API documentation if you want to take a look at our solution. API documentation >

Stand-alone solution

No telematics system in place? Our stand-alone solution lets you use the Volteum web application and the Volteum mobile application for fleet management and optimization tasks.

Best-in-class technology and outstanding benefits

Wide coverage charging stations

More than 200.000 station data available in Europe with OCPI compliant way.

  • Live occupancy data
  • Selected network routing
  • OCPI protocol

Vehicle database

Optimize the operation of your EVs and PHEVs with our always-refreshing electric vehicle database.

  • More than 500 different EV models
  • Cars, vans and light-duty vehicles
  • Continuously updated database

Data source aggregation

We aggregate all the input data which are necessary for your optimization tasks.

  • Live weather
  • Mapping and live traffic
  • Charging station data

Custom settings for optimization

With our custom settings, you can always expect precise results when optimizing your EVs' operation.

  • Route planning with customized settings
  • Routing with selected charger networks
  • Custom rules for organizations

Live data from car

We provide precise estimations of future energy needs with live data from your vehicle.

  • Live SoC and location data
  • Monitoring the operation
  • Alerts based on the changes

Fleet operation optimization

Let’s operate all your EVs on our platform as easily and efficiently as your diesel or petrol vehicles.

  • Detailed overview of your EVs
  • Dashboard for analytics
  • Ineffective usage detection

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to filter the chargers?

Can the solution calculate with the home/company chargers too?

If I start to operate more electric cars in my fleet when can I use the Volteum solution for them as well?

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