EV fleet management
and route planning

Integrated in the Geotab platform

Volteum enables companies to operate electric vehicle fleets as easily and economically as petrol or diesel vehicles.

Our features

Consumption modelling


We calculate the energy need of your upcoming trip in advance based on the live data coming from your electric vehicles.

Our algorithms also consider every important circumstance that counts:

Car specifications, Battery parameters, Battery degradation, Energy recovery system, Heating and air conditioner, Route topography, Live weather data, Speed


Charger database

Our ever-growing electric vehicle and charger database is also available for our customers with 150.000+ chargers in Europe.

80%+ coverage for Europe with live occupancy data 

All important information about the charger is avilable in Volteum:  Connector types, Power level, Number of connectors, Occupancy data, Operator


Electric vehicle routing

We plan the best routes for your EVs, calculate whether your current charge is sufficient for the trip, and also insert optimal charging points if needed.

Our solution connects live to the GO device of Geotab, that is why we get all the necessary data live for EV routing. The end-users only have to specify their destination, and our server will plan the journey in just a few seconds anywhere in Europe.


Smoothly integrated in Geotab

Volteum services are available through myGeotab web and mobile applications.

Do not leave your planned route in the office! Use the mobile integration to reach your destination easily with your electric vehicle.

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