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Route planning

Volteum accurately estimates the discharge of your car, plans an optimal route and also inserts the necessary charging points.
The model uses real-time and historical data such as weather parameters, car-specific data, geographic elevations and speed limits. The application also recommends activities during the necessary charging stops so that no time will be wasted during the travel.

Charging price and time comparison

Besides route planning we also have a charging time and price comparison feature in the app.

You add your car and the range of your charging session and the exact price and time duration will be shown for every charger on the map.

Why choose Volteum?

Super Fast

Your route can be planned in just seconds in the Volteum app.


The app is available free of charge in Google Play and in the Apple Appstore.


Forget range anxiety forever!
We make sure you never go out of charge.


Your route can be transferred to your preferred navigation app with just one click.

Optimal routing is cool but have you seen our UI?

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